Rebecca Horn writing at her desk scattered with paperwork in her office in front of her trinkets on display.

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn’s contribution to the 1987 Luna Luna park was the Interactive Thermometer to Measure Emotions

Rebecca Horn designed an interactive thermometer for Luna Luna. Guests were invited to warm the instrument with their hands in order to receive a diagnosis of their emotional state.


Rebecca Horn


Love Thermometer


1944, Germany

Her work frequently explores the boundaries of the human body and physical sensations

She is best known for performances involving prosthetics and sculptural extensions of bodily features

Her kinetic sculptures use technology to animate everyday objects in unexpected ways

Rebecca Horn.

Rebecca Horn, Love Thermometer to measure emotions, exhibited 1987.

Rebecca Horn creates sculptures, performances, installations, and films that explore the relationship between the human body and the world it inhabits, both organic and man-made. This exploration began in 1968 when Horn contracted a lung condition that forced her to stop using sculptural materials like fiberglass and polyester. A subsequent period of hospitalization inspired a series of sculptures made from soft textile materials, reminiscent of bandages and prosthetic limbs.

Rebecca Horn.

Rebecca Horn, Love Thermometer to measure emotions, exhibited 1987.

These experiments led to the creation of wearable structures made of wood, metal, and fabric in the 1970s. For example, Horn added meter-long protheses to her fingers, or attached a mask of pencils to her head, forming fairytale-esque extensions to her own body that blended fantasy and reality in the performances that she filmed. In the following years, Horn made kinetic sculptures and installations bringing ordinary objects to life, such as mechanized trembling spoons, fluttering suitcases, or her iconic sculpture of two rhinoceros’ horns that meet in an electric kiss.

Rebecca Horn created a Love Thermometer for Luna Luna, a functioning thermometer marked with poetic words such as “magic,” “embrace,” and “loneliness.” The thermometer is filled with blood-red liquid that sits in the globe at room temperature and rises up the stem in response to heat. Audience members held the thermometer to receive a “diagnosis” in response to their degree of body warmth.

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In the original Luna Luna book, translated and reissued for the first time since 1987.